There are several reasons your security alarm keypad will beep and this beep is to alert you to an important condition. It could be related to a power failure, a low alarm back-up battery, or a loss of the system time setting. Please be sure to contact our Customer Support Department (Toll Free 877-664-0770 opt. 2)

Making changes to your Internet / Phone provider will certainly impact your Security Alarm connection to the Central Monitoring Center. Please be sure to contact our Customer Support Department (Toll Free 877-664-0770 opt. 2) to discuss your changes and to schedule a service call appointment so your Security Alarm system is securely re-connected and properly communicating with the Central Monitoring Center.

Certainly! For our clients without a landline telephone connection, we offer a Wireless Communicator device that can communicate to the Central Monitoring Center utilizing a connection to your area’s Cell Phone Data Towers. Please contact our Customer Support Department for details and information / rates on adding this service: 877-664-0770 opt. 2 (Wireless Communicator hardware and additional monthly fees required.)

In an effort to reduce false alarm calls to the police, state and local regulations require the alarm to sound for a certain period of time before the system will dial out to the monitoring station for dispatch.

We recommend you test the system every 30-60 days. To test your system, please call the Central Monitoring Center 1-800-432-1429 and request the system be placed on test. NOTE: placing your system on test will prevent a police dispatch. Then set your system to STAY mode. After the countdown delay and once the alarm is armed, open a door or window. The siren will sound and an alarm signal will be sent to the central station. At that point you will be contacted by them to confirm the alarm signal. After confirming the signal has been received you must request the system be removed from test status. NOTE: If the test has failed and you are not contacted by central station please check your phone line.

Pursuant to many county ordinances, alarm owners are charged for a false alarm whenever law enforcement responds and there is no emergency. For example, Hillsborough’s County Ordinance 04-16 states that an alarm is deemed to be false when there is a law enforcement response and no emergency exists. This response includes all alarms reported to HCSO dispatch which are cancelled as false. Even if the deputy did not end up responding, the registering of the false alarm to the dispatch center not only dispatches a deputy to the location, but also distracts the dispatcher from genuine emergencies. The single goal of this ordinance is to eliminate false reports allowing HCSO deputies and staff to focus on actual emergencies.